Apolas Lermi was born and raised in Trabzon, located in a northern region of Turkey, known as "Blacksea".

He became interested in music during high school, but focused on music even more while attending university. He has been involved with music since 2001. In addition, he has had numerous performances in various festivals all over Europe and Turkey. Apolas Lermi is known by his Pontian identity in Turkey.

He has two albums. His debut album is called "Kalandar" which was published in 2011. His second album, "Santa", was published in 2014. He achieved success through these albums and was awarded many times. His songs were used in some movies, documentaries and TV Shows. His works and projects impacted many people by teaching them about Pontian language and culture. That's why his projects take an important place in Pontian Culture.

His new album, Romeika 2016, contains Pontian and Greek songs. This album was published at the same time in Turkey and Greece. We dedicate this album to friendships between cultures and peace among people.



Kalandar 2011

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Santa 2014

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Romeika 2016

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Mobile : +90 (537) 456 3561

E-mail : info@apolaslermi.com